Monday, 12 November 2007

CEM TV Advert

Filmed at Duthie Park, here is a TV advert designed to haul in the customers for our T-Shirt design and production company, Tenacious T-Shirts

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Haiku For You!


C.E.M. Corporate Event

Here is a picture "taken at the London eye" of the C.E.M. staff enjoying themselves at their corporate event. This picture was actually originally a plain picture of the London Eye, and by using Photoshop i was able to encorporate Ian, Michelle and Chris into the picture along with their table of goodies. I then had to use a few tools to make the picture look realistic. For example, i added a transparant layer coloured blue over the added items ( people and table ) which made them blend in and look as though they were always in the picture

Monday, 1 October 2007

New Going Old

Here is a picture, taken on a digital camera in the last couple of years, of an old Scottish building that we were assigned to photoshop to give the picture a sence of being very old. I used the air brush tool to add in scarring, i used an overfill of a brown/orange colour and then modified its opacity and brought it to the front, this gives the whole picture an old look. Also, more for comical value rather than anything else, i added in a small image of an old WWII Spitfire, i was unable to blend it in with the picture to a point where it looks original but you can see the general idea of how i used the magic tool to blend in the planes edges and also how the whole planes picture quality (since being in an added picture) had to be reduced to make the pictures work together.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Photo Manipulation

On the top is the original photo we were given to clean up and attempt to bring to original quality. The photo is highly damaged due to aging, but using Adobe Photoshop i was able to tidy up the photo and edit out rips, tears and spots of high density damage. The whole image could in time be perfectly edited to original condition but this on the bottom shows the general idea of editing the picture to look "good as new".

Monday, 10 September 2007

Company Logo C.E.M.

We were put into groups of four to five people and we were all given an assignment to set up a fictional company do deliver a service of our choice. My group, including Phil, Kamran, Ross, Sian and Alex (you can view their ideas on my contacts list) decided to base our company on a Humerous T-Shirt company based on the internet.
We were then joined with another "company", Complete Event Management (C.E.M. for short) and our goal was to develop a company logo for our client. We started with a small discussion asking the client what they wanted and how they would like to display themselves. This is my version of the company logo for C.E.M. They were aiming for a classy, reputable look, which i hope i have achieved in this.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Sup folks, this is my first post on blogger, a name plate designed and made in Adobe Fireworks. First peice of work for the Computing Technical Support course. Firstly, i sat down with Owen and we discussed our hobbies, interests and things we enjoy doing. From this, i gathered he liked rock climbing and wants to be a systems developer once finished with the college course. This gave me the idea for the background and text to put onto the faceplate. Being a proud resident of Scotland, I also added an opaqued Scottish flag ontop of the design, making it look almost like a hologram. Also i added a cut picture of a hologram from the net just to give it a more genuine feel. I used the set effects for text in Fireworks to further add to the design, making the name and job title stand out and look more sophisticated. Overall, it looks alrite eh?? I used as the resources for the pictures involved. To view Owen's design for me, visit , its not as good but its alrite i guess